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See this link for download


This is the first release of the LCS (Literary Coitus Simulator). It is a program that simulates the action of sexual intercourse by creating an interative "story" the nature of which is dependent on the player's actions and the "character builds" specified in the "sexyfiles".

Only heterosexual relationships are implemented, but lesbians will be added in the future. I don't do gay shit.


On windows, run the run.bat script. On linux/mac, use the script. This program requires java to be installed to run.


Enter the numbers in the menus to pick options.

Gamemodes: Singleplayer lets a single player interact with an AI partner. Multiplayer lets two players interact with each other. Story Mode generates a sexual encounter between two AI partners.

Gameplay: Enter a number to pick a sexual action. "-1" (negative one) is a wait option. "-2" makes the player call out the "safe word" to exit the sexual encounter.

Notes: There is currently no way to "win". Just coom to the cool stories.


Feel free to experiment/modify the files in the sexyfile directory. I'm not gonna explain the syntax here, I'm sure you can figure it out. Follow the standard JSON format.