how to install and use the eye on 4chan
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Table of contents

What is the third eye

This will be brief explanation of the eye functionality and Embedding


Word of advice

Before the overview, i would like to brought up one important thing:

You are likely to get banned for discussing/testing these scripts outside /cumg/ and/or explicit replying to a post saying anything about the "eye" outside /cumg/

Just a heads up, keep it under wraps.

Third eye

Third eye is functionality available on all current scripts

What is does is: When you enter a thread it will search for filenames containing a booru MD5 hash, if it founds a compatible MD5 hash from the filename it replaces the posted image with the images taken from that MD5 hash.

In another words the filename links to a MD5 image, and the eye displays that MD5 image

This is a different process then embedding


Embedding is now dead, Kinda of.

Embedding vs MD5 linking

A MD5 link will only affect it's filename, thus preserving the original size of an image. If downloaded it will download just the original image, but with MD5 name

A Embedded file Will affect it's total size, because you are adding it to the original image. If downloaded you will download the original image with the added file, meaning you now downloaded two files together. But you can post it later, and will show that extra embedded file.



just click here and follow the steps


If there is any errors please take a look at Submitting a bug report


Coomdev's PNG Extra Embedder (PEE) and Zip's Media Embedder require 4Chanx

4Chanx is not a requiremnt for Cunnysoft's The third eye but in some cases it can lead to errors without using 4chanx.

The eye

Now you have three "eyes" to choose from, don't worry you can see each others posts, as long as they are not embedded

Cunnysoft's The third eye

  • The original concept
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Doesn't support mp4/webm files

Coomdev's PNG Extra Embedder (PEE)

  • Stable and has Embedding
  • Configurable options
  • Bigger filesize

Zip's Media Embedder

It's up to you, all of them can show filename based images (MD5). But please take a look into their respective pages.

Installing the Eye

Now that you have chosen your eye, it's time to install it.

There are two alternatives, the short version and the long one:

Short version

The third eye

Coomdev's PNG Extra Embedder (PEE)

Zip's Media Embedder

Just make sure the script is Enabled and refresh all of your tabs

Also be sure to take a look at faq

Long version

First go to your eye page (i'm using third eye for this example)


And find a file ending with .user.js, click it, it should show a bunch of code.


Then click the raw button as the following image:


after that your userscript manager should show the following image (tampermonkey is shown in this case):


(Instead of reinstall yours should show the install button)

Click install, after that the script should be enabled by default all that is left to do is cum!

but if it isn't you can enable it by doing the following:

Enabling the script

This can be done either by going into the dashboard settings and enabling there:



or while on 4chan you can click the userscript icon and enable from there:


Then reload your tab.

Configuring pictures

Ok let's talk about configuring images for eye usage. it's pretty simple, all you need is an base image and an image's MD5

Base image

  • First select a base image that you want to post, remember that this will be the image everyone sees.


Selecting the real image

  • Next go to one of the supported sites and select a image that you want to really show

    • supported sites are:
      • Gelbooru
      • SankakuComplex
      • *danbooru
      • *lolibooru
      • **ATFbooru
    • Note:
      • PEE supports custom boorus
      • * = needs to enabled manually on third eye script
      • ** = Only on PEE by default
  • Open the image on a new tab

  • Look up on the URL bar, and then copy the MD5 from it, it's fine if you open the sample version



  • The MD5 will always look like this even on other sites. Here is a few examples



  • be aware that some MD5 displayed on the url is incorrect, a workaround can be found here


Renaming the base image and posting

  • Now with the copied MD5 rename the base image (for this example i'll use the gelbooru md5)


  • And you are done, now just post it and you should be good to go (Be mindful of "Randomize filename" function whenever posting while using 4Chanx)

  • You could alternately just select the base image, and while on the reply box, change the filename.

  • It should look like this if everything worked (By default the third eye replaces the image)

    • while using the cunnysoft's third eye, the eye icon if clicked will display the base image


  • It will look like this if PEE is enabled
    • PEE eye's icon is used to display the actual MD5 image, this can be changed in the PEE's settings


And you are set! Have fun!

Embedded files

ded, more or less, now, there is still "embedding" but it's just a link to catbox embedded in the image, or you can use litterbox by puting the url in the filename, just like with md5.

Only PEE supports catbox embedding.

Same stuff as embedding but this time, when you click the magnet, you can select up to five images, and those five images will be uploaded directly to catbox(hardcoded by default), and the links to these images will be embedded into your picture.

So in reality you will have an image with embedded links to the real images. (Only reliable working in version 0.127 and up)

Also you can link to a catbox image using filename same as Mrq's third eye

Mrq's third eye

There is Mrq's third eye, which is a branch off Cunnysoft's third eye. but in this case it only supports filename to the actual images. On it's page it has a good explanation on who to use it. (Also applies to PEE)

PEE colors

PEE uses colors to diferenciate the current embedding

  • Gold = MD5 filename
  • Purple = Embedded file
  • Blue = MD5 filename + Embedded file


Now you are done! Congratulations on opening your eye!

if you need a place to test/ask questions go to /cumg/

and if you need to submit a bug report, please take a look at Submitting a bug report

Submitting a bug report

Make sure in your post to give as much as information as possible


  • Screenshots
  • Userscript and version
  • Browser and version
  • Console logs
  • Enabled extetions

Also if you are using PEE, check out PEE's troubleshoot page



Here are a few questions asked on /cumg/ that got an answer (Thanks anons!)

Is there a way to disable the second scroll bar when Minimap is enabled? The one to the left. (PEE)

4chanX Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS > .hint { display: none; }

Installed 3rd eye but the eye icon doesn't even show up. What gives? I'm using Vivaldi with Tampermonkey. (Cunnysoft's)

Check the File Info Format in 4chanx advanced settings, make sure a %d is in the file format. I had the same issue and it was because the download button didn't exist.

pee is slowing my pc down

Try these settings:


Also clearing cache and restarting browser may help

The icon for the third eye doesn't show/ The 4chanx's hover replay review is broken

It's loading it may take a few seconds,

If your hover preview looks like this:

It's also loading it may take a few seconds, if it doesn't show anything after a while try asking /cumg/ or install PEE or Media embedder

when i click on a thumbnail the image won't expand and i get a 404 error message while using third eye

Installing 4chanx may solve this issue

Updating scripts

It's quite simple, all you have to do is repeat the steps in Installing the eye, and instead of a install screen it should show update script, to finalize just click the "update" button

You need to refresh your tab in order to this take effect

rule34 incorrect MD5


Some MD5 filenames shown in the URL are incorrect, so when you post with the incorrect filename(MD5) the eye won't be able to retrieve your image. But this is an issue with rule34 url's MD5 not with the eye.

The workaround is to make a direct call to the rule34 api passing the post id as a parameter, and it will return the correct MD5


There is two workarounds this issue

  1. Using a simple userscript that shows you the real MD5 while viewing a image like so:


  • you can get it here
  1. Or if you don't want to install it, you can make a direct call to the API using the post's id replacing "{id}"


  • Now copy and paste this url below changing the id to the post's id${id}
  • it should look like this


  • and then hit enter. The next screen can be a little weird, but dont freak out. We are looking for a hash: and the numbers after it that will be the real MD5,


  • and that is the real MD5
  1. You many have noticed that the "hash" MD5 value and "image" MD5 are the same. In this case with this image if you copied the MD5 by opening a new tab it would work, now take a look at this example:


  • The image's MD5 and Hash's MD5 are different! so in this case if you were to copy the url's MD5, it would be the incorrect MD5 and the eye wouldn't work.

  • idk about the frequency of these incorrect md5's just be aware that this can happen