A home for various UserScripts that have been written by anons
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  • This is a home for various UserScripts that have been written by anons.
  • They're often distributed in pastebins and forgotten as threads disappear.
  • Hosting them here gives them a longer life and makes them slightly easier to install.


Before you do anything, make sure you have a UserScript manager like ViolentMonkey installed.


  • From the list below, click on the *.user.js you want to install.
  • Your UserScript manager should prompt you for confirmation that you want to install the script.


NOTE - When you see "I" from here on, it's the anon who wrote the script, not me.

2022-03-21 vndb-auto-reveal-nsfw.user.js


hacked together a tiny userscript to automatically reveal nsfw covers on vndb if anyone's interested: https://dpaste.com/9DPDUJWJM

It does exactly what it claims. Test it out by visiting vndb.org/v25964.

2022-03-10 filter-1pbtid.user.js


Can someone help me by telling me how, or give me a reference where I can figure out how to block 1pbtid (one post by this ID) particularly in /pol/??


This script filters threads on /pol/ and /biz/ with 1 pbtid with a tunable threshold for the minimum required number of replies to trigger. This triggers automatically on page load and index refresh, and is coupled with 4chanX's refresh mechanism, and thus, 4chanX is a dependency and this runs only on the catalog view.

2022-03-10 twitter-remove-shit.user.js


It's mostly making sites more usable like twatter

The code for this script reminded me that browsers have access to XPath queries. Appreciators of fine coding will want to take a look inside. It's well written and shows good understanding of browser tech.

2022-03-02 youtube-remove-covid.user.js


This stuff is so satanic and unsettling..... I can't stand looking at it. Is there a userscript or plugin that blocks the Jewtube Covid-19 News shit they force onto the mainpage every time you go to it?

Waiting for a kind anon to post this for me, because I was banned.

Using uBlock Origin's content filters can also solve this problem.

2022-02-12 arch-wiki-old-layout.user.js


This makes the Arch Linux Wiki use its old layout. It brings back a left sidebar with many useful links.

2022-02-12 remove-holiday-stuff.user.js


This removes the snow effect and hats from 4chan.

2022-02-12 bring-the-snow-back.user.js


This overlays a falling snow effect on 4chan.

2022-02-04 4chan-x-show-page-in-title.user.js


Since it's a 4chanx thread, a while ago I made a script that shows page number in the document title

NOTE - This makes it so that you can scan your browser tabs and see what page each 4chan thread is on. This script requires 4chan X

2022-01-25 hljs-on-g.user.js


I posted this script a while back to highlight code blocks better (particularly Lisp code). I updated it to work on Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey. It's not necessary, but it works better when you state the language before the code block. https://bpa.st/POCA

It should highlight these samples appropriately.

NOTE - It supports highlighting for the following languages: bash, c, cpp, csharp, css, diff, go, ini, java, javascript, json, kotlin, lua, makefile, xml, markdown, objectivec, perl, php, php-template, plaintext, python, r, ruby, rust, scss, shell, sql, swift, typescript, vbnet, yaml, clojure, haskell, lisp, scheme.

2022-01-23 gelbooru-keyboard-controls.user.js


I wrote a userscript for gelbooru, so I can move around and open images with the keyboard, to enhance my cooming™ experience. Any feedback is welcome

NOTE - It supports arrow keys, WASD, and HJKL style movement on gelbooru.

2022-01-23 nyaa-search.user.js


Here's a Greasemonkey script I wrote that lets you search for a DL Site game on Nyaa in case you're an H game addict like me:

NOTE - When you're on a product page at DLsite, it will add a button that says "Nyaa Search".

2022-01-23 endchan-embed-pastebin.user.js


I made a userscript for use on endchan /cumg/ to embed pastebins directly on the page like 4chan does. In the future, maybe we could embed more things beyond pastebin.

2022-01-22 hacker-news-filter.user.js


Like Hacker News but don't like the leftist drivel? Use this greasemonkey script. Problem solved. I tried to put it on pastebin but it got flagged for "offensive words" so I put it on controlc. You're welcome


nb4 can't handle bants

If you don't want the filter then move along

XXX - The way this script hides comments can make the flow of conversation very confusing. There might be a counter response that seemingly comes out of nowhere, because the comment that it's responding to was filtered out by this script. Instead of using display:none; maybe the comment could be de-emphasized in a way that preserves thread hierarchy.

2022-01-19 desuarchive-ghost-highlighter.user.js


NOTE - Highlight ghost posts in desuarchive.

2022-01-19 desuarchive-deleted-highlighter.user.js


NOTE - Highlight deleted posts in desuarchive.

2022-01-18 gelbooru-md5.user.js


Here's a script to display the MD5 and fake GUID on Gelbooru pages for convenience:

(code omitted)


If you want a script added to this repo, create an issue or pull request here.