Use 4chan X and org-protocol to log every post you make to emacs
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4chan X Org Protocol

Use 4chan X and org-protocol to log every post you make to emacs.


Although the code is small, there are a lot of prerequisites for getting this working.


Setup a protcol handler for org-protocol:// . See org-capture-extension for instructions.


Whitelist org-protocol://*

Linux users using Chromium derivatives will be asked by the browser if it's OK to run xdg-open. For this extension, say yes, and click on the checkbox so that it never asks you again. However, for the org-capture extension, it'll ask you for every domain you use it on which is annoying. In case you're trying to solve that, I found the answer.

  • For Chrome, create a directory /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed.
  • For Chromium, Brave, and everyone else it'll be /etc/opt/chromium/policies/managed instead.
  • In that directory, write out a file called whitelist.json with the following contents.
  "URLWhitelist": ["org-protocol://*"]

Restart your browser to make this take effect.


Add this to your emacs config.

(require 'org-protocol)
(setq org-capture-templates
    ;; Add the following to your org-capture-templates.
    ("4" "Protocol 4chan Link" entry (file+headline "~/Dropbox/org/" "Inbox")
     "* [[%:link][%:description]] \nCaptured On: %U \n%i" :immediate-finish t)
  • (server-start) is needed so that emacsclient can communicate with a running emacs process.
  • (require 'org-protocol) is needed so that emacs understands the org-protocol:// scheme and dispatches it correctly.
  • org-capture-templates is a variable that controls how org-capture dispatches to different files. In the example, it uses ~/Dropbox/org/ but please change that to whatever makes sense for your system.


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