A UserScript for the Chadnet Forum
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Chadnet X

A UserScript for the Chadnet Forum



  • Add reply links (with tooltips) to posts. (Removed: >>509)
  • Turn URLs in posts to clickable links with linkify.
  • Display images with glightbox. (Warning: >>353)
  • Interpret leading ">" as greentext. (Removed: >>491)
  • Identify your posts and their replies.


Deprecating (You)


The (You) on links to your posts has been added to the main site. I'll comment it out on my end for now. He added a hidden element div#userid that I could use to do the highlighting from 2022-02-18 more efficiently but I'll do that later. >>826

Here's Your (You)


Building on yesterday's work, I added (You) to a.reply links that referred to posts written by you. I also renamed identifyMyPosts to highlightMyPosts. >>794

Identifying Your Own Posts And Their Replies


Today, I implemented an experimental feature. I added a function identifyMyPosts(posts, name) that goes through a thread and marks post written by name with class me and marks everyone who replies to those posts with class reply. Using CSS, these poasts can be styled to make them look distinct. This should help you see who is talking to you. 4chan X also does something like this. WAT THINK? >>786

The Day of Deprecation


The following features have been removed due to being implemented on the main site.


Hovering over a reply link will cause a tooltip to appear. It will contain the contents of the referenced post. This can give you context without having to scroll.

>tfw you can greentext


Any lines that begin with a ">" (but not ">>") will be considered greentext by this script and will be colored accordingly. >>371

Why There Are No Images On The Chadnet Forum


@john recently explained why the Chadnet Forum doesn't support off-site images. >>353

Images arent pulled, because this reveals user IP (u shud warn about this g-gundam if u havent). Alternative is to dload from server to bypass this. I dont want to do that.

To those who want image support from this userscript while still preserving their IP privacy, I would view the forum using Tor or Lokinet. Using the Brave Browser is probably the easiest way to get Tor support these days. Note that nothing would be revealed until you click on an external link. Just loading the page is the same in terms of privacy whether you use this script or not.