Share X11 clipboards over the network
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Share X11 clipboards over the network


I often have 2 laptops running side-by-side, and I sometimes want to communicate tiny bits of text between them. I've imagined being able to share copy buffers between computers over the network for a while, and I finally did it today. 2022-02-08.

I made a post after I wrote this to see how other people would solve this problem, and I got some interesting solutions. I probably should have asked first before coding my own shared clipboard, but it was fun.




sudo apt install -y libxfixes-dev ncat libjson-perl xsel
git clone
cd clipnotify
cp clipnotify ~/.local/bin/
cd ..
git clone
cd shared-clipboard
cp cn-loop shared-clipboard-hub shared-clipboard ~/.local/bin/


Choose one machine to act as a hub for everyone.

# Assume its IP is for our example.
shared-clipboard-hub 7777

Every client that wants to share their clipboard should run something like this.

shared-clipboard 7777

You need at least 2 clients to make this meaningful. To see it in action, start copying text.