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4chan JSON Archiver

This is another 4chan json archiver, written in nodeJS this time. This archiver requires considerably less resources than the previous java-based archiver. Give it a database connection and a folder to save to, and it should fully archive designated boards. This archiver is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the Asagi archiver, and maintains the same SQL schema.


This service should be compatible with most versions of node.

$ git clone <repository>
$ cd archiver
$ npm install
$ npm start (or node server.js)


The configuration file is named config.js and located in the root of the project.


This """fork""" was the result of the Java-based Asagi scraper failing a couple of years ago, and was shamelessly yoinked to fit my needs, two core features were added

  • CloudFlare bypassing actually worked in a kludge solution
  • Sniffs for PNGEmbed data

The former apparently isn't needed anymore, but the latter is another one of my ingenious proof-of-concepts; since the scraper is already combing through a bunch of files, why not add in some (rather loose) file sniffing, and supply a relatively simple API?


Calling http://localhost:port/?hash=[md5 hash|base64 encoded hash] returns an array of embedded URLs in the image. If there's no embed data sniffed, then false is returned.

Potential Issues

I genuinely don't care about TypeScript, much less JavaScript, much less """""proper""""" node.js, so my PEE heuristics are flawed, but it works in my few tests. Var names are clear that I made an attempt to read the source. :&)

I only tested against PNGs with various amounts of embedded URLs, so whatever meme features that aren't those are untested. Additional support is left as an exercise to the reader.

Example Server

To be spun up™