Interleave deleted posts and ghost posts from the archives into live 4chan threads
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4chan GhostPostMixer

Interleave deleted posts and ghost posts from the archives into live 4chan threads


  • Have you ever wondered what posts a jannie deleted in a thread?
  • Have you ever written a reply only to find out you've been banned?
  • Have you ever had a jannie delete every post you made after banning you?

This userscript can help you and the rest of the 4chan community in these situations.

  • You can still see all deleted posts in a thread as long as they were preserved in the archives.
  • You can ghostpost in the archived version of a thread.
  • As long as your post exists in the archives, it will be visible to 4chan GhostPostMixer users.

The more people use it, the less power jannies will have to silence people.



These userscripts will further improve your experience in the archives.

  • SpookyX is like 4chan X but for archives.
  • More to come...


You can also post a message at 2chen to get somebody's attention.


[2022-04-26] Made to work with native extension's ThreadUpdater

[2022-04-18] Big assist from /x/+/an/ anon

[2022-04-14] Why aren't you ghostposting?

This is the thread that started it all: >>>/g/86482161. Then >>>/g/86484192 put out the intention.

I would really like a userscript that places ghost replies into threads while viewing them on 4chan/nel, which works with 4chan X. It should place and keep deleted replies on refresh as well (with 4chan X if you had the thread open, but refresh, already loaded deleted replies will disappear). And of course there should be some way to differentiate them from normal, live posts.

Then the work began: